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Green Park Train Station

It’s a train station made to fit LEGO trains and most of all, my own train design. The station is designed to fit most modular cities and yes, it can be linked to other modular buildings. I used a 48x48 baseplate, so the train tracks would go behind the other buildings and the platform wouldn’t be too short. It can be disassembled modularly, so you can and reach see everything properly.

The ground floor features a central entrance hall with a big screen for train departures. On one side it houses a bookshop, where commuters can buy a book, magazine or newspaper to take along the train ride. The other side contains a coffee shop where people can get a refreshing beverage of fresh croissant or cupcake.for lunch. It features a double espresso machine and several seating areas. On the platform a second screen with departure times can be found. there are two benches where people can rest while they wait. There are garbage bins for different types of waste and there one long lighting unit that covers the entire platform.

People can walk up the stairs while they wait for their train. There they can enjoy the crown jewel of this building: the big rooftop park with many plants, two seating areas and a pond with a bridge which they can walk over. Inside there is an area for staff to rest and take a break. The can grab a cup of coffee and sit around the table. The other side has an office with new railway plans already on the desk. Both areas overlook the central entrance hall The tower on top has big clocks facing four directions.

I mainly designed this to use with the train I designed. Besides, a modular city simply needs a train station. I think this would be a great set because it’s a combination of classic and modern design, with a brick building and a glass back wall behind the trains. Another combination can be found where structure and nature meet. I also think the design fits perfectly with existing modular buildings.

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