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Lego Vultures

The Vulture Family contains 4 different Vultures.
The Models are built mostly with the Parts of the Lego Set 70000.

Geier Nr. 1:
Geier im Flug.
The Modell only Stands with a Pillar. The Modall may be brought into different positions so that it Looks like its flying or sitting or starting.
I decided to give him no Legs cause they look to big on this Modell

Vulture Nr. 2:
Vulture with Legs. and Tailwing.

Vulture Nr. 3:
Vulture with smaler Wings and smaler Tail Wing.
The round head should give him the look of a Baby.

Vulture Nr. 4:
Eating Vulture.
The Vulture needs a Pillar for Standing.

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