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TIE Carrier/Dropship

"WARNING ! Rebel forces detected on level 1313 on Coruscant ! Quick, send the TIE Carrier/Dropship to deploy Imperial Commando Special Units, and restore peace and order, throughout the planet. This set comes with an Imperial TIE fighter pilot, and 4 Imperial Commando Special Units"


This set is a Star Wars ship, used during the "Dark Times", set between -19 and 0 BBY (before battle of Yavin, or Ep IV).
The idea is basically, for the Empire, to build a smaller, faster, more efficient, and cheaper dropship, to be used by Stormtroopers, or security forces. Since the classic Republic Dropship LAAT from the Clone Wars became obselete, the Empire thought of this ship as a fast intervention, and air to ground support gunship for their regular forces. Before manufacturing them in great number, Sienar Fleet Systems first built a few, and Grand Moff Trachta asked Imperial commandos to test them. These prototypes where flown by elite pilots, and droped its speacial forces in rather drastic situations. Due to financial problems, this ship finally wasn't built in mass, and kept its status of elite gunship, only used by a few Imperial commando squads.

Now for the set itself.
I had this idea a long time ago (in a galaxy not so far away), and even made one on LDD (unfortunately, it got erased, when my computer had a problem). This is the second model I made. It includes opening upper and lower hatches, opening (and detachable) cockpit, flick-fire missiles (2 under the cockpit, and 2 on each side, that you fire by pressing on the secondary propulsors, at the back), and rotatable lights. It's an original fuselage structure, even though I really inspired myself of the 9492 set cockpit (2012 TIE fighter), and the wings' structure were also built, thanks to the 9492 set concept wings.
For the characters, I made sketches of the Imperial commando helmet, and body printing. I would use a permanent mold to make the helmet, since the fusion temperature of plastic is basically lower than 180°C, to then machine the raw helmet. For the pilot I would use a classic TIE Fighter pilot.

Special thanks to MachineWolf7 for his advise. Hope you like the new picture.

The ship's front view ; you can see the 2 flick-fire missiles under the cockpit (red), the rotatable lights. Made on LDD.

The ship's back view ; if you push the secondary propulsors (on the left and on the right), you can fire the 4 flick-fire missiles at the front. Made on LDD.

The ship's side view ; the wings were tricky to do, but I finally managed to build a 2-platelet wing, just like on the TIE Fighter set. Made on LDD.

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