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Wizards Cottage


Join the wizard as he crafts potions, casts spells, and bewitches his owl in his cottage full of magic and detail.

This is my Wizards Cottage set inspired by several different sets in the past, it has an intricate detail on every angle, with accessories inside such as potion bottles, a couldron, and more. I want to add benches, tables and book cases but it is designed on LDD so is limited, i would also want to have a more free design over the minifigs and even add some, but again LDD is limited so for now this is the set.

I was inspired by this after browsing the internet and seeing a few other sets with such detail on the buildings, and i've always loved the witches and wizards that Lego has produced.

As shown by the images, the roof is actually removable and the whole building opens up so you can get inside to all the accessories and place the minifigure either in the main room or in his owl's tower.

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