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Space Invaders!


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Can you Stop the Space Invaders?

The classic video game, Waves of Invaders are held off by a lone defending tank. Fun and playable!

Waves of invading Drones are the backbone of the Space Invaders. Crab, Octopus and Squid Drones, each armed a pair of flick missiles attack the earth, Behind the waves of Drones the spinning Mothership relays commands from the Invader Overlords.

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Crab Drone
Octopus Drone
Squid Drone

Earth's last Line of Defense, the remotely controlled TANC (Tactical Atomic Neutralizer Cannon) drone. The TANC is a highly mobile fire platform, armed a Heavy Proton Missle.

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Heavy TANC

Battle Bunkers are deployed to the site of an alien invasion, providing durable cover for the fighting TANCs. Modular, they break apart under enemy fire, but can be easily re-assembled between waves.

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Bunker Hit!

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