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Dom's Overpowering Jet Boat



New sea trip for Dom!

Today, he intends to make the last engine adjustments on the boat he just tinkered for his friend Eric who works in the cinema. This guy loves fishing but does not have a lot of free time. He needs a very fast boat.

That, Dom knows how to do it. It must be said that he was a mechanical engineer on aircraft carrier. He has stored tons of boat engine parts but also aircraft or helicopter engine parts. In a jiffy, he assembles all that and hop, sometimes it works.

Well there, obviously it is not the case. Fortunately, Captain Daniel was fishing in the corner aboard Dom's old tugboat. He will be able to bring him back to the shipyard to make new adjustments. It will eventually work next time.

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Please note that this project only contains the white and green boat.

Additional models on last picture :

Dom Old Tugboat

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