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Hulk The War Machine


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This is my second idea submission after my earlier Hulkbuster design work, I may not be super Hulkbuster fan, but surely I have great interest with the Incredible Hulk. I found it very challenging to build a humanoid figure with smooth skin and definition. So I change my plan to build a Hulk with the robotic kind of look and impression. 

As you may find, this Hulk can contain a mini figure size Hulk for fun. Imagine, if Hulk lost his increasing size ability, but remain the incredible strength in him. Then he need this body to take down his opponent.  Haha

Back to the figure, the scale of this figure is just slightly taller than my previous Hulkbuster. It can make some post and movement against Hulkbuster. See, they can be friend to each other or wrestle against each other. Hope those who love my Hulk may enjoy it well.

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