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Two Worlds in One


Ever since I started playing with Legos, I always asked myself:  "Will there ever be a Lego set that will hold minifigures on both sides?" For years, I have waited for that question to be answered. None came. It felt like it would never come unless I made so that no other child to wait for years of a Lego set. I mean who likes waiting?

So in short I have made a lego set that holds minifigures on both sides. With each side is a different world. The left side shows a world where two friends enjoying a nice chat right next to a tiny windmill and below a modern lightpost. The right side shows a world where a gold miner is mining for gems at a gem spot. I bet he is going find some nice emeralds and sapphires!

In short, if you want to play with a lego set that holds minifigures on both sides and build twice the fun on a single Lego set plate, then please support me! Thanks!

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