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MIMHo the Modern Industrial Modular Home

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Hello and welcome to MIMHo this is the new local cafeteria or maybe a restaurant, sit and relax on the benches besides the counter, watch the tv while drinking a coffee, or be on top of the marvelous glass roofed cafeteria while you watch that coffee making action, perhaps it is too cold then, there is a comfy in door room to chat with your friends while drinking a nice coffee and watching the tv but there is someone living on top, is it the owner?, maybe, go and greet him while he tells some of his cool and mysterious history's.

Play however you like on this nice modular construction, which you could transport and use as you wish, maybe make it a secret base, maybe something else entirely~!

I built it with high inspiration on some of the latest modern constructions that have been made with containers being re purposed, while also thinking in a simple design that can be played with and is good to the sight, something that children and adults alike can enjoy for its simplistic design, and a fun set for everyone to play around with.

It contains 1098 pieces in total from which it divides into
-1 car
-3 containers.
-5 minifigures

all doors can be opened, and the car can be parked under the stairs, with plenty space to place new things or arrange them on many different ways.

thank you so very much for reading perhaps this far, and for taking attention on my idea, hope you like it, and please support it if you like it.

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