Product Idea

Transparent Support Set I know that this is an unusual Lego Ideas project, but it is addressing a very real problem that I am having--the problem of there not being any transparent support pieces available with which to build models. I went looking online to find Lego pieces to build a few of my existing projects, and was dismayed to discover that there are very few options in the way of transparent blocks! I saw builders making transparent baseplates out of clear 1x2s and superglue! The horror!

I love small vignette scenes and small models, and I think that this Transparent Support Set would expand the ways in which builders can use Lego to model and display complicated things!

The Transparent Support Set would include:

  • 8 8x8 Plates
  • 16 1x1x5 Bricks
  • 16 1x8 Plates
  • 16 1x6 Plates
  • 8 1x4 Plates
  • 2 2x2 Bricks with Axel Hole
  • 2 2x2 Round Plates with Axel Hole
  • 4 1x1 Bricks with 4 Knobs
  • 4 1x1 Round Plates with Hole
  • 2 1x1 Plates with Upright Holder
  • 2 1x1 Plate with Sideways Holder
  • 4 3M Shafts
  • 2 6M Axels

You can build 4 small display cubes with the set, or combine them to form 1 large display cube! You can can show a number of actions taking place: butterflies flying, leaves falling, people jumping...the possibilities are endless...(Please note the set does not come with the butterfly, the leaves, the girl or the snake--just the transparent support pieces!).

I have used these techniques in my previous projects, so the need is real! See the following links to see projects that need these clear components: (Tiny Planet Project) (Ringed Planet with Moon!) (Water Lily) (Forecast Cubes!)

Anyways,'re on notice! What do we want! Clear support pieces! When do we want them! Now! :)

Thanks to anyone who takes a look at this project! I'll be back to my regular (less protesty, more normal) projects soon!