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Lego Hunter Brown: Battle of Dolor


Welcome, all Codebearers!!! Here is the first Lego Hunter Brown set ever made. To all of you who have not read The Codebearers books, it is a great book series that I greatly encourage you to read. This is the outline of this story. The Heroes, Hunter Brown, and Trista Golden, are captured and sent to Dolor, the land of suffering, on their quest. On Dolor, Hunter discovers his old friend, Sam, is on Dolor too. The Scourge, the evil beings who rule Dolor, atempt to crush Sam in the crushing mechanism of their serpent tower. All though the crushing power of the mechanism is great, Sam is able to get out and destroy the tower. Then, the Scourge create a great Fang Worm, a blind killing monster. Hunter and Sam must fight the two Scourge warriors and Scourge general, while Trista must kill the Fang worm with her bow.


The Minifigures in this set are something special if you have read the books or if you havent. It comes with Hunter Brown, the young boy. He comes with a Veritas Sword, and double sided face, and mini legs. Trista Golden, the young girl, also has double faces, little legs, and a bow. Sam has double faces and a Veritas Sword. The Veritas Swords are completely see through and are not your average sword. The Scourge guards are cool, but not super awesome. They are completely black, and armed with spears. The Scourge General is cooler than the guards, with tentacles and twin daggers.


The tower is not extremely detailed and is not very big because I made the Fang worm so big. It has a ladder and crushing mechanism. On the back, it has a technic piece that serves as a lever that flips the tower and destroys it, as the pictures show. The top has detailed snake statues and snake head.


Speaking of snake heads, the Fang worm is the highlight of this set. With its movable jaw, and movable body, it is definitely the coolest. As a bonus, its spines that run up its back and on its head are Glow in the dark. 


Even if you havent read the Codebearers books, this set is still something that is definitely worth thinking about.  ;)



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