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The Pair of Scales


Hi, this is my new project--The Pair of Scales!

This is not just a toy, this is just like the real scale! First of all that you need to know is about how I could get this idea. Well, everything possesses mass, especially LEGO! I was inspired to create something that will help people to measure weight. So I decided to create a pair of scales using my LEGO bricks. I use axles, beams and some other bricks to create this awesome scale. I also use strings to hang the scale load.

I choose black, grey, white and yellow color combination to create this scale. Firstly, I create this scale in red. But it looked bad and I decided to use the other color combination as I mention before. Well, I decided to choose white, grey, red and blue to create the scale weight.

Now, lets take a look to the weights. I got 1g weight, 5g weight, 10g weight and 20g weight. This scale has a maximum load mass--60g. Well, as you can see in the pictures above, the white weight possesses 1g mass. I provide five pieces of 1g weight so it's equal to the real iron weight which possesses 5 g mass (the iron weight is not included to be in this set and only as the comparative for the brick weight). The dark grey brick weight possesses 5g (or equal to 5 white brick weight). The red weight possesses 10g (or equal to 5 white weight+1 grey weight). The big blue weight possesses 20g (or equal to 5 white weight+1 grey weight+1 red weight).

The white weight consists of 1x2 white brick and 1x2 grille plate. The grey weight consists of 2 pieces of 2x4 grey bricks and 2x2 grey flat plate. The red weight consist of 4 pieces of 2x4 red bricks and 2x4 grey flat plate. The blue weight consists of 8 pieces of 2x4 blue bricks, 2x4 grey plates and 2 pieces of 1x2 grille plate.

Now let's take a look to the pair of scale. This scale is made up of axles, beams, plates, bricks with holes, connectors, etc. The balance is connected by 3 axle sticks and connected to the beams as the base. This scale is designed to be strong enough to load 60g. With this scale, you can measure the mass of objects like wristwatch, battery, rings and even LEGO Bricks! This scale will let you explore more about your bricks mass because everything, especially LEGO Bricks POSSESS MASS!

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