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J.S. Bach & Baroque Pipe Organ


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Bach is one of my favourite composers, and he was surely one of the great fathers of modern music. I tried to represent here the most iconic instrument he worked with: a monumental pipe organ built in the style of the 18th century. It is not a real one, rather a "study" on baroque architecture in the languague of LEGO.⠀⠀
The set consist of exactly 2020 pieces as a reference to this year. I have used Bricklink Studio ("") and checked the availability of every bricks on the network. Except for the colouring of some parts like the minifigs' torsos, the metallic silver rods and some brown technic pieces every part is available in previous sets.⠀⠀
Main facade:⠀⠀
Organ structure with lot of baroque decoration including 2 minifig angels (top) and 2 atlases (bottom). Organ console with 2 manual keyboards, pedals and switches. A custom made 2x2 tile with Bach's hand written sheet music and his personal emblem on the top of the model. Of course the master is also included as a minifigure. Since he composed more than 1000 pieces of music in his life, a pen and a tiny "ink bottle" is indispensable for him.⠀⠀
Back facade:⠀⠀
What can be strange for the first sight is the lack of decoration. This is due to the fact that such organs are always set against the walls. However there is a tiny room for the wind system. Nowdays it is motorized everywhere, but at the time it was manually set in function by an attendant who pumped the bellows. I added this very important guy's minifigure and made the back openable like a cupboard to make the inner system and pipes visible.


I have submitted this model as an entry for the Music to our ears contest, but since it failed to get to top 10 I sumbit it now as an ordinary product idea as well.

I hope you like it! Don't hesitate to visit my facebook and/or instagram site too and leave a comment there! 😉

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