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Vardo (Romani Wagon)


Finding us in the future

Hello All!

Thank you so much for visiting our project. 

It looks like we are not going to make 10,000 this time around, but we have some plans and will think a few things through and try again at some point in the future.

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Pictures of the real Brick Vardo

Not really that much dialog is needed for this update.  I just wanted to share the photos from the IRL model I have "completed."

To be sure, It needs a couple drawers, a rope, and a bag, but the general build is complete. 



On the inside we have (going clockwise):

  • A Cat & A small barrel
  • A dresser
  • the door
  • A small stove with a pot of stew
  • A writing desk with a document, ink well, quill, and stool
  • A Bed with a quilt and storage space (two books are under the bed but those are impossible to see in the photos)

I guess I should add a lute Case now that I think about it.