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Raytecks Speed Speed Flyer



This is my biggest Raytecks yet. It all started with a piece that for years bothered me with its only use. Its the pieces that you can see on the bottom of the flyer, which is the car body plate, it is a big, specific piece maid for car bodies, and I said to myself "Self that needs to be changed". So I took my four, and maid it to impress. It is filled with thought and detail so that every angle looks nice. It is a fast and slick flyer, meant only for earth, and is perfect for playing. It is easy to assemble, and is a filled with useful pieces. This model is great for you space ship lovers, along with those that just want something sci-fy to add to their collection. It will allow kids to race there friends, and take journeys across the house. I believe that it is a good size and will make for a happy building experience. I hope you like it, happy building!

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