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My first submission to Cuusoo, and one that will get people's attention, are these three Pacific Electric cars. I made them after my trip to the Orange Empire Railroad Museum in Perris, and with that knowledge of trolleys I produced these scale models of the Pacific Electric's most notable cars.

The first is the Blimp, part of a group of 72-foot MUs built by the St. Louis Car Company and the Pullman Company, that ran the entirety of the interurban system until the early 60s. This one is based on Pacific Electric 418 and runs preserved on the Orange Empire Railroad Museum, where two other Blimps are also kept.

The second is a special "Officer's Car", no. 1299, built in 1912 by the Pullman Company. Inside is fully furnished armchair-laden interior where the cream of the crop could tour the Pacific Electric in sumptuous style. The car is preserved and operated occasionally at the Orange Empire Railroad Museum.

And the third is the "Hollywood car", also known as the "Valley Sevens". These would be seen all over the Los Angeles Basin working from Hollywood to Burbank and every which way inbetween, and are indicative of Los Angeles' historic culture. Two of this class are preserved and operating at the OERM, and two replicas can be seen at Disney's California Adventure park.

All three cars have authentic interiors, though a tad unsuited to minifigures, all replicated as best I can from first-hand and reference photos. The Blimp and 2199, as seen before, are mounted on 9V motors, but if Power Functions can be added, I would love to see how. All cars run on nonstandard, bespoke chassis each and will definitely be larger than usual Lego Trains, all of them being 8 wide.

Note: I do not represent neither am I affiliated with the OERM. I am merely a railfan who's very creative in Lego.