Product Idea

BATMAN Arkham Knight - Batmobile vs Arkhamcopter

Batman: Arkham Knight is one of my most anticipated games of all time, and I had a look at their Batmobile and just couldn’t stop thinking: is there any way to replicate the mechanics of turning the Batmobile’s Persuit Mode to Assault Mode in LEGO form? Or better yet: is there any way to re-enact the best scene of their gameplay? So I put on two thinking caps at once, and got this.

The Batmobile vs Arkhamcopter comprises of 598 bricks, with the Batmobile being made up of 319 bricks, with extra 33 bricks more for the Riot Suppressor if in Assault Mode, while the Arkhamcopter is made of 223 bricks, and Scarecrow, the Fear Toxin canisters and the Chemicals worker comprise of 23 bricks.. This set includes the Arkham Knight, Scarecrow, an ACE Chemicals worker and Batman’s figures.

The Batmobile has a rocket launcher with two immobilizers at its side, with an extra grey Batarang in case Batman ever needs one, and the model itself can fully convert from Persuit Mode to Assault Mode and back, and its hood-mounted Turret can go on the green slot; its Assault Mode is equipped with a Rocket Launcher and two Riot Suppressors. The Arkhamcopter, meanwhile, is equipped with a fully working gear mechanism on its rotor, and it is equipped with eight flick-launching Assault Rockets.

I can be certain that, whether you are a fan of the Arkham game series or a collector of LEGO products, you will enjoy this set, due to it not being too easy to build that expert builders will not be able to enjoy, whilst not being too difficult to put together for beginners. Overall, enjoy!