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Dino Hunt


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 This is Dino Hunt! It comes with a pretty cool green striped dinosaur. It's not perfect but I just thought it would be fun to put on here. This is a very simple set but it a few cool things about it. The vehicle is six wheel drive with a flame thrower on top for Dino Dude (that's his name) The dino is pretty awesome, it is just one of the dino's from the old sets that I got from a friend.

There are 3 bones in a pile from dino's lunch, I thought that gave a realistic feel to it. There's also a random bush in the background as you can see, I think those are nice to have. Like I said I know it is quite random but I personally think it's pretty cool. Please comment! I love comments! And I try to reply to every single one! Thank you for supporting and commenting and following etc. And have a terrific day!

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