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Psychiatric Hospital Room


This is a psychiatric hospital room that holds two patients. By the beds there are doors so the patients feel safe and secure. There are orange lights that brighten the room. I specifically chose orange so it wouldn't be as bright. Because some patients are sensative to bright yellow lights. There is windows for two specific reasons: one is so the nurses can see through the windows for 5, 10, or 15 minute rounds. Two is because the patients need to feel comfortable for there long stay and not feel like they are locked up in jail. Even though they are locked up. Actually there is a third reason, it's nice to have a view outside once and awhile! There also is hand sanitizer in the room because one of the patients might be OCD or just want to stay away from the sick side. 

Outside of the patients room there is a small nurses station in case there is a patient on CVO ( constant visual observation ) or one to one. The nurses station includes a walki talki for communication with other staff members, a desk with a laptop and a drawer that contains extra syringes and a white light so the nurse can see in the dark. 

The reason I made this model is because some people need to be aware about mental illness and understand what they might be dealing with in a day to day basis. Also I just love psychology and there isn't a lot of people who would come up with this idea! It's original!


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