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The Appledore

✦Welcome aboard The Appledore! The finest ship in all the seas. Over time, unusual folks have settled upon this mighty vessel creating a diverse community of sea-bound company. This ship has all the necessaries any explorer would need! including an inn, 2 bedrooms, a stable, open gardens, a fishmonger and kitchen, plus a map room and cabin!

✦This set makes a great display piece but can be opened up allowing great playing experiences. This is the perfect crossover between medieval villages and sea craft making it a unique build. I made this set as I thought it was a really fun and interesting idea.

2147 Parts (including minifigures)
9 Detailed minifigures + horse & dog

✦The build contains many vibrant colours from olive green to rust red which brings the ship to life, the ship is also covered in greenery due to many years of exploration and adventure in the unforgiving sea.

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