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Modern Californian Contemporary House



This is a Modern Californian Contemporary That features almost all of the basics to live including and bathroom and detailed stairs.

The house took a week to build on LDD and has just around 1958 pieces. It is a home that shows most of the features that might be shown in a Contemporary house. This house includes all that is bellow.

Modern dining room with a bookcase and house fire, kitchen, a built in single car garage, stylish and detailed stairs, outside area with pool table and access to the swimming pool, an upstairs lounge room that features a flat screen TV, lounge, and speakers, a desk with a computer and printer, a fish tank, a bathroom with a shower, sink, and benches with draws, and a bedroom that has a double bed, clothes cupboard, two chest of draws both with draws in them.

The house was built so that all of the furniture can be moved or taken out. The bed and chest of draws, table and chairs, fish tank, lounge, TV stand, computer and chair, and the pool table all are able to be removed with ease. The roofs are designed to come off so that you can have access to each of the floors. The first floor is able to be taken off for access to the ground floor. The roof of the first floor is also able to be taken off for access. All of the floors and the roofs of the house is flat for a more stylish look.

This house was built to show the possibilities with lego and for something to do that is creative. This house would be for builders that are good with Lego and love to build things. It would be a set for early teenagers and up. It would also be good for house fanatics or people who love to build infrastructures.

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