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Pier on the Beach

This model is a model of:
An iconic California lifeguard shack, along with a buff lifeguard to make sure everyone is safe.
A pier, where you can go fishing.
A fishing supplies store, where you can rent fishing rods, and buy bait!
2 towels for laying on.
A sandcastle.
Minifigures include a boy making the sandcastle, a lifeguard, a shop employee, and a grandpa that is fishing.
I built this model because I live right by beaches, and I am a certified junior lifeguard, so I decided to combine the two! I also built this model because I like making, yet detailed models, like this one!
This would make an awesome Lego set because it would work very well with other Lego sets, it is an awesome display piece, and it would also be very playable.
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