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Module Lunar Base


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     The Lego Module Lunar Base is a perfect addition to anyone's collection! It has a great combination of components that make a Lego set a great Lego set. With over 800 pieces, this set will keep a Lego fanatic adoring it for a long time. The set itself is unique due to its feature of mixing and matching, or moving different parts throughout the set. The main parts are:

The Center Dome- This is where you can find equipment, a storage facility and the lab, where you can look inside of a meteor and examine various materials with a cool robotic arm! The entire dome lifts off to allow play inside. Connected is the:

Observation Deck- The Observation Deck is a great place to examine the Moon's surface and take notes. 3 chairs allow all of the scientists to investigate lunar oddities. A rook lifts off again for play. Many pipes, wires and pumps are installed to investigate the Moon more deeper!  A tunnel connects the Dome and the OD, which is removable to allow play inside. The other side consists of:

Mechanical Station- This is where the base's main power supply is. A clear piece allows for closer inspection inside the structure. Many wires and pipes are needed to provide power to the whole base, and therefore is included in the set. Next is the:

Garage- This is where the lunar rover is stored and includes tools and racks to hold supplies. The entire Garage lifts off to allow for free roam, in  other words you can put it wherever you'd like!

Some parts are not connected to the base and are:

Suit Room- This is a similar structure to the Center Dome. and lifts off, revealing the many armors to choose from for doing different tasks on the Moon. A secondary power station is included and changing rooms as well. Next is the:

Mountain Pieces-  These 2 parts are consisted bot of the base, but the lunar surface itself. The first has a flat top filled with supplies and boxes. The second one, however, is much bigger and has stairs for easy play. On top is a mysterious rock. Will your minifigures be able to get it? That's up to you!

Overall, this set is a guaranteed "fun bag" or "fun BOX", and therefore will be a great addition to anyone's collection. For taking the time to look, read over and support my project, all thanks!!!



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