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Classic Limousine


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After seeing a real limousine at a wedding, I was inspired to make one in lego bricks. The set features a large white limousine, seven mini-figures, a table with two chairs and an arch with a lamp. Mini-figures included are the bride, bridegroom, driver, butler, celebrant, and two other passengers (possibly friends of the bride and bridegroom). The table has a bunch of flowers and a tile to resemble the register (this could have some lines or words on it eg: register ). The roof lifts off to ensure playability, and the inside of one wall features a tv screen and a shelf with some mugs and drink cans. The limo features opening doors and boot, a red bench seat, fire extinguisher, windows and driver seat. accessories include tv remote, plate with drinks, ring, three bags(in boot), various drinks, a screwdriver(for a pencil) and the celebrant's notes. The bride has two dress pieces, one standing and one sitting. If this becomes a set, the bride's ring should be like the one in the hobbit and it would be nice if the bridegroom's glass was a bottle. Another thing to note is that the bride comes with two dresses, standing and sitting. If you want this to become a LEGO set, please support. 

Note: Any pieces with paper stuck to them are only to hide unnecessary detail, these pieces should be white.