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Mini Jedi Temple


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It's strange that Lego has never made a Jedi Temple, even though it is a prominent building in the prequel trilogy. While I completely agree that the prequels should never have been made, I do think that some of the vehicles and buildings in it are cool, like the Jedi Temple. 

Here's a mini-version of the Temple that I hope you like. I chose a White Glow with Light Yellow color scheme, as I think it best represents the temple as seen when it is burned by stormtroopers. If you think this is a decent mini-scale interpretation of the Jedi Order's base, please support it! 

I plan to begin work on a much larger version of the Temple that has rooms inside sometime soon. Also check out my other creation, Boba Fett's Secret Base, along with Mini Star Destroyer With Deployable TIEs, soon to be submitted when I can get some better photos.


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