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This is meant as a base for Science Fiction sets, and goes well with Galaxy Squad, Star Wars, or any of the past themes. Make sure you scroll to the bottom of the project and check out the links to other various projects that I would like to showcase.

The main model of the set is a large bunker, with sliding doors, removable top, a blaster rack, a swiveling turret, and a quick conversion into a battle ready defense post.

This is the doors of the bunker at full open position. They are attached to a groove, so they don't go too far in either direction, and are stopped by a wall on the other side to stop it from being impossible to retrieve. You can see the blaster rack inside as well, holding many blaster rifles.

The top is removed for easier play access. The roof is very sturdy, and is attached by four studs, one in each corner. You can see the blaster rack and also the pocket for the doors.

With the removal of three bricks, two large, rotating guns can be attached. This is just a fun little play feature to make a defense scene, and is not required, as shown by the images above.

Here is the small turret. The guns are on a turntable, and turn 360 degrees, and the guns can point straight up.

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