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The Nether - Minecraft Minifig Scale


With the Minecraft minifig-scale set names and a couple photos out, I was surprised to learn that the Nether would not be a set. So I set to work and made this model.  If you would like to have this set, please take the 10 seconds to support. Every one counts!

Step through the portal and enter the Nether! Fight fearsome mobs and explore the fortress. Collect the resources needed to brew potions but watch out for the ghast's fireballs! Will you survive inside the Nether?

This set includes 2 minifigs: a zombie pigman with gold sword  and a wither skeleton with a stone sword. The set also includes 2 buildable characters: a blaze and a ghast. The ghast can shoot a fireball when you push the button on its back. You can also construct the Wither boss by stacking the soul sand and adding 3 wither skulls on top.

Like the other Minecraft minifig-scale sets, this one has a bunch of accessories: a Nether portal, 2 extra wither skulls, 5 Nether warts, 3 textured glowstone blocks, 1 textured Nether quartz block, a torch, a brewing stand with 3 potions(fire resistance, strength, and night vision), and magma creme. 

If you want this set added to the Minecraft minifig-scale set lineup, then please support! Thanks!

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