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CyberAgent DarkAngel

New fiction created around cybernetic warriors protecting Earth from alien invasion. Note I have previously uploaded these images and the lego digital designer files to Deviantart, Flickr, and MOCpages. I mention this to avoid any confusion regarding ownership.

Originally I named these designs "SaintSinner" however I feel the fiction surrounding it may have been too difficult and mature to find an effective market, so I have renamed them.

Fiction: In the near future Earth becomes the target for an alien invasion, stealing our resources such as water and oil. In an effort to fight back the CyberAgency, a world government funded project to develop new technologies and defence systems, employs a combination of magic and science to create warriors capable of defending the Earth. They become known as CyberAgents.

Elemental themed DarkAngel CyberAgent (power).

Elemental themed DarkAngel CyberAgent (power)

group shot (From left to right. Fire, Water, Earth)

Elemental themed CyberAgent DarkAngel (Water)

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