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Mount Gundabad


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This is my first set to post for Lego Ideas, but my second to build.


Ride with Legolas and Tauriel to (and scout out) the ancient fortress of Gundabad, situitated in the far north of the Misty Mountains! Bolg and legions of Orcs are preparing to march to the aid of Azog the Defiler's army at The Lonely Mountain! Forge weapons on the anvils then store them on the weapons rack, while Bolg command his armies to breed the bats from the throne of Gundabad. Legolas and Tauriel must pass the Orc-legions without being caught. If they are captured then they must use the sliding stairs, and slide to evade the Orcs! But are Legolas and Tauriel too late to warn the forces of Elves Men and Dwarves? Shut the opening gates and lock them with the iron bar!

Includes 9 minifigures: Bolg(armored), 2 Bats, 4 Gundabad Orcs, Legolas(I would like it to be The Mines of Moria Legolas), and Tauriel(Like the one from Attack on Lake-Town)!

Includes 1,157 pieces!

I hope you  like it!



(P.S. I believe if you take certain pieces off, like the staircase, (and if you get two) you may be able to combine them. I may make another at some point.)

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