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Danguard Ace Force Five


Here we have the planetary robot Danguard Ace, also known as Force Five Danguard Ace in the United States, which is a Japanese science fiction anime series created by Leiji Matsumoto. This build is exactly 1300 pieces and it transforms from robot to the Satilizer star-ship.

This build is very close to the original design, and almost exact duplicate of the more modern re-release of the original diecast robot. A simple google search of Danguard Ace and click images will confirm this, as it takes about 10 seconds to find the images. 

Leiji Matsumoto coincidentally enough also designed several other starships from the Space Pirate Captain Harlock series, as well as Star Blazers. I have built four different designs created by Matsumoto already in 2 versions of the Arcadia, a battle ship from the Star Blazers series, and the 190 wolf star fighter, which is the primary fighter on board the Arcadia, all which can be found in my projects list here at Ideas.

I was not aware Leiji Matsumoto also designed Danguard Ace, which by no surprise considering how much I like all of his other fore mentioned concepts, this being the fifth design of his I have attempted to re-create in Lego. 

Danguard Ace also was one of my favorite cartoons from the early 80s. Voltron and Force Five was the two Japanese anime cartoons I could get over here in the south eastern states on Saturday mornings back in those days. I always thought it was one of the best looking robot designs I had ever seen in both starship mode and robot form. So yes this is a transforming robot.

And orignal diecast chogokin (loosely translated diecast robot) version of Danguard Ace from Popy for example often lists around 500 dollars plus alone, a very sought after collector piece and well known across the world, all be it under the radar and long forgotten by many.


1. Danguard's helmet alone is its own seperate space-ship, as it removes from his head, and is placed on the tip of the red nose cone when transformed into star-ship mode. The red nose cone is added when transformed.

2. The chest opens to reveal a powerful chest laser, see images number 5 or 8 with door open on chest in those pictures.

3. The blades on his shins actually are removable and form his javelin twin blade staff weapon with a central shaft. I included two javelin weapons in this presentation so he can hold the double bladed javelin, while he still has one blade on each shin. They again can be removed and combined with center staff to create the staff weapon.

4. The transformation process is rather simple, remove his helmet and head, again as its own seperate space ship, which mounts on the front of the red cone piece added during transformation. The upper torso moves below and mounts just under the belt section around the hips.

5. The wings are hinged, and mount on the back of robot and remain in that position when the upper torso moves down to the lower section under the belt.

6. Danguard's feet double as the thrusters of the star-ship. They simply mount on top of the rear rudders and or the bottom of the legs. Image number 5 shows the satilizer on one side, all the parts broken down in the middle, and robot form on the right. That is three examples of the same robot, so again piece total is 1300 for the entire set, which would make this very affordable for most at around just over 100 dollars perhaps via rough estimation. A relatively low piece count in my opinion for such a scale accurate 8 inch tall model, via robot or starship mode.

Thanks as always for the view and or vote drop me a link for any idea any time!

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