Product Idea

Queen LEGO

I love LEGO and I absolutely love Queen’s music. That is why I decided to make this set! When I saw that the Beatles’ Yellow Submarine set got approved I was amazed. It was such an original idea. To create one of the most iconic bands of all time in LEGO. So I tried to make another set of one of the most ledgendary bands in the world. I am 14 years old and my favourite band is Queen. That shows how amazing and timeless the music is. Now I will explain what’s supposed to be included in the set.


Builds: A stage with room for the drum kit, grand piano and the 4 mucisians. NOTE* the blue sign on top of the stage is supposed to have the Queen logo. A drum kit with snare drum, bass drum, hi-hat and cymbels. A grand piano with movable top part. Side builds are: catwalk to reach the audience and a little ”bagstage” room for dressing up and having a drink.


Minifigures: Freddie Mercury in his iconic yellow jacket with a smiling face and singing face. Brian May in his vest coat with smiling face and singing face. Roger Taylor with smiling face and singing face. John Deacon with smiling face. Also included… the band in their Bohemian Rhapsody outfit. White clothes and long hair from the 70s.


Assessoiries: Freddie’s iconic microphone staff, red/white cape*, 1 elecktric guitar, 1 acustick guitar, 1 el bass, 2 drum sticks, microphone with stand,1 bottle, 3 different glasses, 3 lp covers ( A Night At The Opera, Jazz and Made In Heaven) and grey hairpieces for Brian and Roger. *look picture


It would mean a lot to me if you will support and help sharing the project! One day I hope to see May and Taylor at a concert as they still tour with Adam Lambert. Thanks!


Niels Christian Nielsen