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Dakar Torpedo Truck


Dakar Torpedo Truck.

This is a Dakar truck with a Torpedo bonnet like an IVECO. I was inspired by Dakar Team De Rooy with her Torpedo and his TurboTwin look, like this. It has a cabine with 3 chairs and a wheel. There are 2 chrome exhausts and 2 air horns on the roof. It has 3 spare wheels in the back with one diesel tank.

It was simple to make, because it has not many 'rare' parts. It likes me a good idea because you can make many different colors and it is not difficult to make. I think that it can also be a bigger truck but I have a small one.


Lenght: 17,5 cm (wheelbase: 13 cm)
Wide: 6,3 cm
Hight: 8,8 cm

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