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The X1-ORION is a light fighter manufactured by Fractured Scull Ship Yards(FSSY) and is being used by SOL DEFENCE CORP. squadron 7647.  The X1-ORION has multiple weapon systems that could counter most attacks. On the front end of the ship there are two MK-11 ion cannons and at both sides of the ship carry two MK-9 laser cannons. To get maximum speed out of the X1-ORION there are two military grade FTL engines to help maintain faster than light speed. 

The X1-ORION set comes with one pilot, helmet and hair piece a refueling and diagnostics station and the X1-ORION itself. The rough estimate of the pieces in the set is 350 it could be more or less. Thanks for supporting the X1-ORION.

Fractured Skull Ship Yards


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