Product Idea |


This is a model of the Knight industries Two Thousand, also known as KITT. As a kid I really liked the Knight Rider series when it was broadcast in my country. I especially liked KITT, the futuristic car/robot and the partner of Michael Knight, the protagonist of the series. That is why I made this model.

The model is built in minifigure scale. It is designed with as many details as possible. The front has the iconic curved shape and the red scanner. The doors and trunk can open. The roof with trunk can be removed to reveal the interior. The model can fit three minifigures inside. Two can be placed in the front seats. To place the third, the car must be flipped. On the underside of the car is a hole. If a stick is pushed through, a piece of the back seat can be detached, allowing the third minifigure to be placed on the back seat. The on the rear is the spoiler and the back lights, as well as the exhaust pipes and the number plate. The dashboard is currently blank, but should the model be converted into a final product, printed pieces will be added to show the instruments on the dashboard. The same is true for the buttons on the inside of the roof.

If the model is made into a final product a minifigure of Michael Knight will probably be added to the model. I hope the model makes it to 10.000 votes so this idea can become reality.