Product Idea

LEGO Power Rangers Theme

Power Rangers is a great TV show for everybody. I think LEGO should make a LEGO Power Rangers theme and produce sets of all seasons. This picture shows you my version of Zeltrax who is a villain of the Dino Thunder season.

More pictures on my website:

Set ideas for wave 1:

Delta ATV (Minifigs: Commander Cruger & Crybot)
Dino Thunder Truck (Minifigs: Connor, Kira, Ethan, Dr. Oliver & 2 Drones)
S.P.D. HQ (Minifigs: Commander Cruger, Dr. Manx, Jack, Sky, Bridge, Z, Sydney, Sam, Boom & 1 Crybot)
S.P.D. Zord (Minifigs: Commander Cruger, Jack, Sky, Bridge, Z, Sydney& Sam)
Piggy's Diner (Minifigs: Piggy, Jack & Z)
Gruumm's Star Destroyer (Minifigs: Gruumm, Broodwing, Mora, Morgana, 1 Crybot, 1 Blue Head Crybot & 1 Orange Crybot)
Dragon Fire Heart (Minifigs: Phineas, Nick & Udonna)

Ultrabuild ideas for wave 1:

Nick (Red Ranger)
Madison (Blue Ranger)
Xander (Green Ranger)
Chip (Yellow Ranger)
Vida (Pink Ranger)
Udonna (Snow Ranger)
The Master

Delta ATV (Minifigs included: Commander Cruger & Crybot)