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Tofslan & Vifslan (Thingumy And Bob)

Tofslan and Vifslan are characters in Moomin Valley.
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The Moomin characters are loved all over the world through novels, animated TV series and films.
I like them all, but I like Tofslan and Vifslan the best, so I made them.

Tofslan and Vifslan are so small that they sleep in Moominmamma's handbag.
As well as their tiny littleness, I wanted to express features such as big round eyes and stiff hair (probably that's hair), so I made both small and large figures.

A brief introduction of them follows:
  • Tofslan and Vifslan appear in 'Finn Family Moomintroll', (original Swedish title is “Trollkarlens hatt”). The two of them came from beyond a mountain, carrying one large suitcase. There was a huge ruby in the suitcase.
  • They speak a slightly strange language. No one can understand what they say, except Hemulens (entomoologist).
  • They are always holding hands with each other.
  • Vifslan is the one with a suitcase, and Tofslan is the one wearing a red hat.

I'm looking forward to your support and comments.

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