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2016 Fire Tanker Truck


Oh No!!  There is a fire out at the old farm house and there isn't a fire hydrant near by to supply water!  What do you do? 

You call the 2016 Fire Tanker Truck to bring all the water you need to control that fire.  Ready with 2 fire fighters, hand tools, first aid and spare air packs (SCBA) this unit is ready to roll!  It has 3 water dump ports (right side by pump panel, left side by pump panel and at the rear above the bumber).  It has water canon (deck gun) and a hand line hose area so it can get started on the job if it is first on scene.  With a front mounted hose connection it can also supply water to engines or pumpers already on scene.

There is no reason for any structure fire to get out of control with this unit in your fire company.

Enjoy and please vote.  Thank you.

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