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Steam Shovel With Technic Functions


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The steam shovel helped to make large earth-moving projects become reality.  With this Technic set, you can control the shovel!

The model was designed for high play quality.  It offers a few different functions to control the shovel and is styled like the real thing!  In addition of moving tracks and slewing of the upperbody, the realistic functions include:

  1. Hoist - The rope attached to the bucket is controlled with a wheel on the right side of the shovel.  A special clutch system is able to hold the bucket in any raised position.
  2. Crowd - A rack and pinion are driven by gears and a chain drive to move the bucket forward and backwards.  This function is controlled by the wheel on the left side.
  3. Dipper Door Release - The door on the bottom of the bucket can be released by simply pulling the attached chain.  It is able to open the dipper door with the bucket in any position.

By placing the controls on either side of the shovel, it is very easy to use both hands to control all functions of the shovel.

I've created a short video that shows the functions of the shovel.

The size of the model is 23 cm long x 7 cm wide x 17 cm tall.

Thank you for taking a few minutes to view my project and thank you for your support!


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