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My first YouTube Video!

Hey everyone!

I have uploaded a video on YouTube on how to build this mech! Please watch and like+Follow! 


Thanks again for your support. LegendKeeper



Here is a picture of all the pieces laid out.

I also test fitted the pieces into a Lego pod and they fit nicely. ideally it would have a brown cap and bottom piece and a clear tinted transparent centre. I think it would be super cool to bring back the Lego pods in a new theme and I think that mini sets would be a great way to do so! 

Thanks again to all my supporters!





100 supporters

Thank you all so much! 1%.. only 99% more to go. 



How it all comes together

Here are some pictures showing the design of my mech  and how it stays together. Hope they are helpful. =)



Over 50 supporters

Thank you all so much for giving your support! day three and over 50 people have supported this project! I am super excited! I am encouraged greatly by the comments I have received and appreciate the constructive criticism as well as the complimentary words. =) I will post an update with pictures of how the mini figure is 'attached' to the mech soon. thank you for waiting 

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