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Quickbeam (Bregalad)

This set will be an addition to Isengard tower that will make the march of the Ents a bit better. It may have Pippin and Merry in the set. Quickbeam assisted Treebeard in destroying the orc forge. He is also in the lego video game as player 2. He is slightly shorter than Treebeard as he is a younger Ent. It would look very good with the other LOTR sets. you have to put the leaves into the same position as Treebeard and the timer eyes will be different as digital designer has not put the accessory on yet. It will be a good addition to the set.

I have noticed a lot of views on this project so any passing, please support!

Minor changes will occur before the release of this set. For example: the eyes will be eyes and the leaves on the feet will be able to be put on in the building instructions.

Pippin and Merry will be included in this set. Some changes will occur before the issue of this product the eyes will be real eyes not timers, in the instructions you will have to put on the leaves.

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