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The Teen Heroes: The Exta Rink


Original creation by doctorwhat999.

Well this is a shocker, Super Luke and Jack the Amazing have been captured by the villainous Zalzok The Diabolical! 

The story: Super Luke and Jack the Amazing have been abducted by Zalzok the Diabolical, and now he has a new challenger for the white armored hero, Dark Super Luke. A black armored clone of The Super Luke; Even worse, Zalzok plans to make clones of all the Teen Heroes( a group of heroes Super Luke is with) starting with Dark Super Luke!  Jack the Amazing can't teleport because he is wearing magic absorbing handcuffs.  Zalzok watches from the watch tower, hoping Super Luke will be annihilated, but little does he know that The Super Cal is on his way to the top of the tower via the stairs held up by the energy binder!

What happens next?  You decide, with "The Teen Heroes" The Exta Rink!

Please support and follow, it took me a day to make, thanks!


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