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The Secret of Monkey Island: Stan's Previously Owned Vessels


About the model

Guybrush Threepwood, an ambitious wannabee pirate from Melee Island, is the main character in the computer game series of Monkey Island.  To become a true pirate the pirate leaders of the Scumm Bar ask Guybrush to complete the Three Trials: Sword Fighting, Thievery and Treasure Huntery.  Whilst completing the Three Trials Guybrush encounters Governor Elaine Marley and falls in love.

Unfortunately Elaine is kidnapped by the fiendish ghost-pirate LeChuck and taken to the infamous Monkey Island.  Guybrush hatches a plan to rescue Elaine but will need a ship and a crew.  Where can Guybrush get his ship... Enter Stan's Previously Owned Vessels.

[I am currently trying to source 2 stickers - 1 for "Stan's Previously Owned Vessels and 2 - "Grog" machine.  Once I have them I will update the project.  I am also working on adding 2 minifigures - 1 Guybrush Threepwood and 2 - Stan.]

Why build the set? 

From an early age I have always enjoyed playing computer games, Lego and trains.  The Secret of Monkey Island is one of my favourite computer games so, why not make one of the most memorable scenes in Lego... Stan's Previously Owned Vessels.

Why would this make a great LEGO set?

To ensure this set would be enjoyed by Lego (and Monkey Island) fans of all ages I have sacrificed a little detail for more playability.  The back of the shop opens up to reveal a table and ships wheel.  You can sit in the boat.  You can play with the rat on the pier.  You can buy Grog from the Grog machine. 

What's next?

Once you've looked If you like Monkey Island, love Lego and would like to see Stan's Previously Owned Vessels on the shelves please show your support.

I am making some other fun sets of scenes from Monkey Island including the SCUMM Bar, the Sword Masters home, the old sailors shop, under the docks, the Voodoo lady and the Three Headed Monkey amongst others.  However, in the meantime I'm happy to take your feedback or suggestions on how to improve this set.

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