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The Polar Express 10th Anniversary


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Take a magical ride to the North Pole as countless have for the past 10 years.

It has been 10 years since Chris Van Allsburg wrote the highly acclaimed book about magical train that arrives in front of a boy's house on Christmas Eve to take him to the North Pole. In 2004, a film based on the book was released starring Tom Hanks. There have been many models of the Polar Express produced but it is yet to be officially immortalized into bricks.

This set would include the powerhouse of the Polar Express, the powerful and massive 2-8-4 Berkshire locomotive and tender, dusted with snow, ready for the journey. Trailing behind would be the passenger coach filled with the true heart of the train: the children who long to see Santa Claus. 

The snow-covered roof of the passenger coach can be removed in order to place the children and conductor inside. Characters can be placed on the roof and can also be placed inside of the cab of the locomotive, and the tender is sloped so characters can slide down it to get to the cab.

But of course, it is the characters that make any story so, there is a selection of characters that can potentially be included in the set. The conductor and the boy are the principle characters of the story and there are several other characters for options: the girl, the know-it-all kid, Billy, Smokey the Fireman, Steamer the engineer, and the ghost hobo. These characters are taken from the film.

Concerning the locomotive, it does have rather simple side rods in order to preserve the proportions of the model. Otherwise, the rods become large. There are white pieces throughout the locomotive and tender in order to break up the continuous amounts of black bricks; thus, the "snow" effect. The locomotive has 4 drivers on each side, with 2 blind. This makes the locomotive adequate enough to negotiate curves on standard LEGO tracks, but the resulting consequence is that there is some overhang. The cab of the locomotive has a lightly detailed backheadThe passenger coach doesn't have working doors but has vestibules as seen in the films and inset simulated doors.  The windows panes are yellow to simulate the yellow light coming from inside. The coach also has a interior with seats for the figures.