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Random Nomber Tank 2379


There is Something Ells

l am sorry. there is a function in my description that has no picture. And that is because l have no picture. There is a cockpit inside the tank that you can access by removing a handle where than you can place a figure down in that will control the rotating gun..


funny story

l am 13 years old and l built this tank when l was twelve. This project is one inspired by nothing. l felt like building a tank so l built one. This model took me 3 weeks to build. And l enjoyed playing with it in my house. And its a funny story of how l got this tank on Lego Ideas. l was at my friends house, and i was talking to him about this idea l had. I said "Wouldn't it be cool if Lego had a program where people could post their creations, and people could support it". "And once it reached enough supporters than it would get turned into a real Lego set". I kid you not the next day they come out with Lego Ideas. ln my head l said "l am the chosen one" so l eventually got my first project on, and that was a dream come true.



Also pleas support my other project.

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