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Lego Republic FCC (Forward Command Center)


I have wanted Lego to build a full scale Republic Forward Command Center (FCC) for quite some time, but Lego only came out with that little play set battle pack. So I took the time to create my own. The set would come with 3 Lego Clone Troopers (all of which can be seated in front of the center's controls), one Clone Sergeant, one Clone Commander, and the new 2013 Yoda.

The Doors on either side can retract easily, and the FCC has a firm, and sturdy base with well thought through detail on the shield dish (which can fully rotate). From a view of a Lego character, they would not be able to see over the blast shield (the light grey thingy in the front); so I made a small platform in the middle, capable of holding 2 lego figs. The platform raises them just enough to see over the shield, and look at the battle going on outside. I dunno, maybe it was unnecessary, but I did still leave enough room for the figs not standing on the platform, and made sure the platform was just the right size. I just felt an experienced collector who may position this in a battle set-up may appreciate the accuracy. I hope you like it!

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