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The STAR TREK franchise will hold it’s 50th year anniversary in 2016, yet it’s relevance and predominance in our society and culture today holds strong. For nearly 50 years, Star Trek has been promoting ideas of tolerance, acceptance and peace in a world that so dearly needs it. It has been inspiring men and women, young and old to pursue career fields in science, technology, engineering and medicine, it has been inspiring us to explore the universe, and boldly go where no man has gone before. Creating STAR TREK: The Video Game would serve as a fitting platform to re-explore the franchise in a unique way only LEGO could provide.

In the following sections, I will provide ideas on how an awesome Star Trek game can be organized, structured and put together to cater to both casual gamers and hardcore Trekkies alike. These are just my general concepts & ideas and LEGO would have the ultimate decision about what is implemented and how so.

You're comments, suggestions, questions and opinions are appreciated!

The game would be set in the Star Trek universe following the adventures of the famous ships, captains and their bridge crews as they ventured through the universe!

Take charge as Captain Kirk and protect Earth from the wrath of Khan! Command the Enterprise as Captain Picard and seek out a way to neutralize the Borg threat, or put up with the wild and childish antics of Q. Explore strange new worlds, seek out new life and new civilizations, boldly go where no minifig has gone before!

With years of solid episodes and feature films, the possibilities for this game are near limitless in terms of planets to explore, alien races to meet and interact with, ships to command through space, and characters to play as and unlock.

With the use of of rifts in the space time continuum it would not be hard for a good storyline to incorporate the JJ Abrams reboot of Star Trek into the game as well.

In order to cater to the widest possible audience, I believe that the major protagonists and missions in the game should arise from the most popular shows in the franchise as well as the feature films. (If licensing allowed both)

-- The Original Series
-- The Next Generation
-- The JJ Abrams Reboots

By focusing on the above for the majority of the content, casual players will be able to recognize the storylines and popular characters, even if they haven't been following Star Trek from the beginning.

But of course the game may need more settings, characters, ships, etc. So it would only be logical to conclude that we must bring in some of the better known characters/ elements of the other shows as well:

-- Deep Space Nine
-- Voyager
-- Enterprise

There is a gigantic pool of characters that could be pulled from for this game. Any Trekkie may get excited to see how many characters there are that they can recognize from every aspect of every show, but care must be taken to keep things recognizable for the causal players as well.

Obviously, to cater to both crowds, the main protagonist characters will be the federation starship captains and their bridge crews. This provide a good chunk of characters that most people would recognize, and coupled with all of their alternate costumes and mirror-universe persona's, there is a good long list of possibilities there already.

But it wouldn't be a good LEGO game without some sort of "dark" side to play the villains, well good thing Star Trek is full of that as well. The Gorn, The Borg, Q, Lore, The Romulans, The Klingons, Kahn, Shinzon, Nero, the list is a long one friends. And many of those have alternate costumes as well!

What about animals? Well there are usually special animals/pets that characters can utilize in the game to achieve tasks. We could address this in a combination of two ways. First, we are dealing with a wide variety of species which will have a variety of different skill sets just as in the traditional games. There are also pets/animals as well that could be incorporated, although not as plentiful as in some games. Popular pets in the series include Data's cat named spot and Capt. Archers dog named Porthos. Other animals that could be included include Klingon Targs, the notorious tribbles, and the strange beings known as hortas.

The character aspects of the game are personally what excite me most. Just close your eyes and imagine your favorite scene, replacing the characters with coyly smiling minifigs gesturing about! LEGO always finds a way to inject the perfect amount of humor into these games with the gesturing, facial expressions and posturing during cutscenes; this game would be no different.

As LEGO games don't have any "talking" per se, you wouldn't have to worry about not securing the actors to come back and lend their voices either.

Star Trek takes place all over the galaxy aboard a variety of ships, and visiting a plethora of plants and of course inside holodecks! This allows a great deal of freedom in level design.

You could be on the bridge of the Enterprise on level and work your way into the interior. You could visit engineering, you could travel to the futuristic setting of Earth and the San Fran shipyards or visit Starfleet Academy.

You could find yourself within a holodeck in the wild west or a 1920's speakeasy. Or off in a major city or the vast wilderness of alien planets; Vulcan, Risa, Bajor, Romulus, it is just a matter of where the missions take you.

Some possible levels/ scenes:
- Enterprise Bridge
- Ten Forward
- Enterprise Interior (Engineering, Medical, Corridors, Brig, etc)
- Deep Space Nine
- San Fransisco Shipyards
- Starfleet Academy
- Vulcan
- Romulus
- Borg Cube
- Betazed (Wedding ceremony with fig leaves? ;) )
- Risa
- Bajor
- Qo'noS
-Time jumps into historic Earth settings. (19th century San Fran with Mark Twain??)

It would seem to make the most sense to setup the levels/mission access in a manner such as was done with LEGO Pirates, in which each movie had it's own portal. By having each show (The Original Series, The Next Generation, Deep Space 9, The film reboot) available via some sort of access point, (transporters perhaps?) it would allow more linear storytelling as well as multiple shows or alternate universes within the same game without much of an explanation or backstory needed.

For example, you start where it all began with Kirk on the Enterprise, as you proceed through that storyline, the next would be following the adventures of Picard aboard the Enterprise D, and so on. This form of progressive gameplay would build the backstories that tie into each series, as well as the progression of the enterprise models and the timeline, allowing casual players to learn as they go, so to speak, taking in the details if they wish, or otherwise just proceeding with the objectives and moving. Avoiding the need for any knowledge of the franchise beforehand and opening the game up to a wider audience.

I plan to add some possible missions/ levels that would fit well for this game soon!

Why do I think Star Trek & LEGO would be such a good pairing?

Well, Star Trek is a franchise loved by young and old. A video game like this would cater to a wide demographic, from your younger players to your older enthusiasts! With the recent reboot of Star Trek keeping interest high and upcoming 50th anniversary of the Star Trek franchise, timing is opportune.

Plus, what a perfect fit!? With Star Trek and LEGO both inspiring creativity and free-thinking, it only seems like a natural partnership.

Only LEGO can take you back through your favorite movies via their video games and have you smiling all the way. The attention to detail, the humor, the gameplay, the characters.. all things Trekkies everywhere would enjoy immensely .

09. - MISC
This is a work in progress and currently serves as a general outline/summary! We'll keep adding things as we think of them and refining the minor points.

Please leave your opinions, comments and suggestions on how we can better tailor our game concept to reach a wide demographic of potential players. I hope to please the hardcore Trekkie as well as the casual gamer as I feel that will maximize our chances at success!

Spread the word!