Product Idea

Volkswagen Karmann Ghia

The idea for this model was actually inspired by a part of LEGO history. From 50’s to 60’ there were Beetles, Campers and Karmann Ghias in the form of ready made toy cars. Later on came Beetle and Camper sets so I thought why not do a Karmann Ghia as well? I don’t think there is a dispute with the licence and the fact is that Karmann Ghia is also a cult vehicle, maybe not as much as a Beetle or a Camper or a Mini Cooper but very much admired by old-timer enthusiasts. It was thought to be a sports car because of it’s appearance but it had a beetle engine :))

1 to 3 - Main views ----------- Red and white look flashy enough for this kind of model but I also did photoshopped altered versions of the initial model by replacing only the parts in red with 3 other colour variations shown on the last pictures. The one I really care for is Medium Azure which to me is a perfect colour for this vehicle. Sadly I couldn't build it like that originally since many of the parts I used are not yet made in it.

4 & 5 - Playability ----------- Model itself, of course has to be attractive but it is a toy after all and playability must be the main factor here. The vehicle lacks in steering but it compensates with interesting details. The roof unit can be detached from the bodywork and be replaced by a folded roof unit thus transforming it into convertible. Both units are solid but since they are attached each only by 2 technic axles they can be put away easily.

6 - Doors ----------- Door system is made to be blended into the bodywork. There are no regular plate hinges that would have to be visible in such construction, just a technic pin on each door. Both doorsteps have a round plate that acts as a door lock.

7 - Passenger Area ----------- Radio on some Karmann Ghias was detachable. The intention of that was not to make it harder to steal but to make it user friendly in case passengers want to use it outside of the car, for example on a picnic.

8 - Luggage Compartment ----------- Like on the real car it is located frontally and it also contains a spare tire accompanied by a suitcase

9 - Suitcase ----------- To make it more fun, suitcase contains some tiles simulating clothes and accessories.

10 - Engine ----------- I tried to make it as true to the original as possible and it can be detached from the vehicle by removing a red tile.

11 - Alternative colours

11A -  Medium Azure - because real life models of this car look really fresh in similar colour variations.

11B - Orange - this color makes it more aggressive

11C - Dark green - It just makes it look vintage

12 - Suggestions and stickers ----------- If the model should stay in red, for the wheels I would suggest the technic disks shown on the last picture and the small rounded tile for the logo display on the front of the car. As for the prints I would print the VW logo on the 2x2 round inverted plate used as hubcaps, others are pretty much self-explanatory.