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Boat Jungle Ruins

This is a set I created on virtual Lego modeller platform LeoCAD. It is designed to represent an old boat with some cargo that got lost in a jungle river. It got stuck in a swamp, then years later, it has been entirely overgrown. The pieces in this set consist of trees, a boat, a kayak, some crates, some shrubs and some wall pieces. I created it because i was just putting pieces anywhere, and it sort of formulated into a set. I decided to just do a tiny bit of adjusting and add some crates to the bigger boat and finalise my set. This is my first contribution to this website so please support and follow me as i am still finding my feet around this place. Please give your full support, just for your info, I am not expecting to reach ten thousand supporters on this so don't expect to see this on the shelves. This is just the beginning of my career on Lego Ideas so it is nowhere near my best set. Just as a closing note, I wholly recommend LeoCAD as an online Lego modelling platform, it is also free. Thank You!!

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