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Anna & Elsa (Frozen)


Hi! This is my third LEGO Ideas project, it's about the animation "Frozen" from Disney.



Just finished watching Frozen last month, and I really enjoy it. Although the second part of story (after the sisters reunite in the ice castle) is not as interesting as the first part, most of the songs are really amazing. I especially like Anna's (Kristen Bell) voice, it is so clean and pure that I can feel it strikes my soul, and I was even bewitched by the voice about one week.

Most of the characters in Frozen are interesting, and I really like Princess Anna, because she is optimistic ,approachable,full of determination (and parts of redhead ). Thus I began to moc Anna first, after finishing Anna I thought she can't just separate from her sister Elsa to be alone, so in the end I finished both Elsa and Anna. When I finally made these two LEGO sisters hand in hand, I really felt that my life is complete!


About this Creation

Anna's face can rotate clockwisely and counterwisely to represent her lively personality, and the mouth part is to mimic her singing. After changing her arm pieces, you can make her do many kinds of pose even swing a seesaw.

Elsa's neck can rotate about 100 degrees to let her make more pose, and you can see her leg between skirts. I also design a giant ice snake to be her pet.


Thanks for watching and supporting!

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