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Unimog U5000

Lego Technic functionality and basic rigid Lego brick look. What's better than that. This build unites these qualities into one.
Mercedes Unimog U5000. One PF medium motor, PF lights, PF battery box. All wheel drive, 3 differentials, pendular suspension, steering, V4 engine. Motorized functions: air pump, 2 power sockets in front and 1 in the back, 3 way dumper. Attachments: boom platform with outriggers (boom controlled via pneumatic, outriggers attached to rear power socket) and snow plow (attached to both power sockets in front).

I believe that another Unimog will not be produced by Lego for a couple of years or so, but I hope that my idea of sets that unite Technic functionality and basic Lego look will be introduced later.

Here you can see the bottom view and now you know how complex this build actually is.

Mercedes Unimog power!
Function video

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The first version of Unimog got in to the "Take the challenge", It's a shame that I didn't win, so I was interested to make my own model better.. And then the "White Unimog" beast was born..

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